Criminal Law

Speak to a Lawyer: $500

  • I will speak to you regarding the specifics of your case in a clear and transparent manner.
  • The steps, timeframe, and risks of your criminal charge will be explained.
  • Various defense strategies will be proposed to you.
  • A document package will be provided to aid you through the legal process.


Bail Hearing/Arrest: $2500 + Disbursements

  • At the bail hearing, a Judge or Justice of the Peace will decide if you should be held in custody, or released, pending your trial.
  • I will prepare for the bail hearing by speaking to the accused and proposed “sureties” (People who agree to take responsibility for a person accused of a crime, and will thus be responsible for the accused’s performance of undertakings, such as appearing in court).
  • At the bail hearing, I will represent the accused’s best interests and attempt to have the accused released on bail.


Representation up to a Pre-Trial: $3500-$5500 (based on the complexity of the file) + Disbursements 

  • After the Bail Hearing the Crown will provide all of the evidence they have gathered against you. This can be anywhere from hundreds to thousands of pages of documents containing, but not limited to, witness statements, forensic evidence, search warrants, pictures, surveillance footage and police notes. I will meticulously study the evidence to build you the best possible defence strategy. this will include examining the chain of custody, ensuring that your constitutional rights were upheld, and closely scrutinizing the Crown’s theory. 
  • At this stage there is constant negotiation with Crown Counsel. I will craft bespoke arguments  as to why the charges should be withdrawn, or a compelling resolution offer be made. These can include diversion programs, community service, or compensation of “the victim”.
  • During this process there will be multiple court dates that I will attend on  your behalf , and I will zealously advocate for you at each one. 


Representation at Trial: $2000 per day 

  • If all negotiation has failed, and you wish to proceed to trial, meticulous preparation must be completed in order to best represent your interests.
  • A working knowledge of both court, and evidentiary, procedure is paramount for a strong defense. 
  • As part of this process I will review the evidence and argue for what is and isn’t admissible, I will examine and Cross-examine witnesses, and I will use case law to support our arguments while simultaneously discrediting the Crown’s motions and theories.  


DUI: $3000 – $8000 + Disbursements

  • Not all DUI cases are equal. If the allegation includes bodily harm or death, it may lead to a more complex/lengthy litigation process. This can include review of expert testimony, witness evidence, and the presentation of technical evidence.
  • As such, the initial consultation is free. This is where we determine the complexity of your case, and a set rate will be given.
  • Should you wish to retain us as your Lawyer, we will represent your interests up to, and including, the trial.
  • We will remain in constant communication with you to discuss defence strategy, risks, and the timeline of your case.